AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) is an acronym referring to a type of airsoft guns powered by an electric motor. These guns use electric energy from a battery to drive the firing mechanism.

The propulsion principle of AEG includes an electric motor that drives a mechanical mechanism (internal parts of the mechabox), thereby ensuring firing. The battery provides energy for the motor, which then rotates gears (usually 3 gears) in the mechabox, moving the piston forward and backward, compressing the spring onto the spring guide. This compresses air in the cylinder and, through the cylinder head, blows it into the nozzle, thereby ejecting the BB from the barrel.

The history of AEG guns dates back to the 1970s when the first electric airsoft guns began to be developed. Initially, these were hand-modified models of pneumatic pistols and rifles. In 1992, Tokyo Marui introduced the first mass-produced AEG, specifically the FAMAS F1 model. This event laid the foundations for mass production of AEG guns and their popularization among airsoft players worldwide.

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