GBB pistols and GBBR Rifles

GBB (Gas BlowBack) is an abbreviation referring to the system of gas-powered airsoft firearms with Blowback function, simulating the realistic recoil of the bolt and subsequent chambering of a BB similar to real firearms. Gas is used to propel the bolt back, similar to real firearms. The gas consumed by the movement of the bolt affects the performance; for example, GNB pistols without this function have a stronger performance and greater gas efficiency.

In this system, the firearm is powered by compressed gas, typically Green Gas (ranging from Light Gas, Green Gas, Red Gas, to the strongest Black Gas), and also Propane or CO2 in the form of 12g cartridges or increasingly popular HPA adapters.

The gas is stored in a magazine (for pistols, rifles, and submachine guns) or in a magazine located in the stock (TM shotguns).

When a shot is fired, the gas is released to propel the BB out of the barrel, and it also powers the blowback mechanism, which simulates the recoil of a real firearm. This means that the bolt moves backward and then returns to its forward position, providing a more realistic feel to the gun.

Types of GBB firearms:

a) GBB Pistols (Gas BlowBack Pistols)
These are usually replicas of short handguns such as pistols and revolvers. Among the most popular brands are pistols from Tokyo Marui (Glock, Hi-Capa) and Umarex/VFC thanks to real licenses like Glock, Beretta.

b) GBBR Rifles (Gas BlowBack Rifles)
These are replicas of long guns such as assault rifles and short submachine guns. These guns are popular for their realistic feel and functioning similarly to their real counterparts. They are also popular among airsoft players due to their high level of realism and easy maintenance and upgrades.
Popular models include Tokyo Marui MWS (AR15), Umarex HK416, MP7A1, and GHK AR15 and AK.

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