TM (Tokyo Marui)

Tokyo Marui (TM) is a renowned Japanese manufacturer of airsoft weapons and accessories. The company was founded in 1965, originally specializing in the production of toys and models. In the 90s, it entered the market with airsoft weapons and quickly became one of the leading manufacturers in this field.
Their products are known for high quality, meticulous craftsmanship, and innovative technology. Tokyo Marui is often a pioneer in the field of new technological solutions in airsoft. Noteworthy are their gas weapons (pistols Hi-Capa, MK23, and others) as well as the innovative system for long gas weapons ZET.
Revolutionary elements, however, have been introduced mainly in the field of AEG (electric) weapons, where their NGRS electric blowback system (EBB) has no competition and stands at the forefront in terms of shooting experience!
Marui weapons have, according to strict Japanese laws, a basic muzzle velocity limit of 1J (approx. 90 m/s), but they are easily upgradeable because the dimensions of their products set official standards in the field of upgrade parts!

"Standard TM" in airsoft usually refers to standard specifications and compliance with rules for dimensions and shapes offered by Tokyo Marui and other brands.

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